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Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Resolution on the NIV

I am sure most have now seen the resolution put forth by the SBC against the 2011 NIV.  While, I am not going to talk about whether the translation is correct or not, I am discouraged at the way this … Continue reading

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Earthquakes, Rapture, and the End of the World…oh my!

I have been trying to stop myself from blogging about the whole Harold Camping fiasco, but after coming across these free downloads I thought I should.  One of the hardest things about this situation is that Harold Camping has been … Continue reading

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John Piper’s Interview of Rick Warren

To everybody out there who couldn’t believe John Piper would ask Rick Warren to be a speaker at his Desiring God conference, I am right there with you.  These two preachers have very little in common when it comes to … Continue reading

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Relevant Magazine review of “Love Wins”

When I first started to read this article is seemed like this author was going to be pretty politically correct and try not to ruffle any feathers and say nothing of true importance on the book; while this is true … Continue reading

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