Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Resolution on the NIV

I am sure most have now seen the resolution put forth by the SBC against the 2011 NIV.  While, I am not going to talk about whether the translation is correct or not, I am discouraged at the way this went about.  Here is a link to the video; it starts at about 24 minutes and goes for about 12.  What I am disappointed in is how the issues at hand were oversimplified.  The gentlemen speaking against the NIV doesn’t appear to have a firsthand knowledge on the situation, but is simply speaking from secondhand information.  All the messengers heard were a couple of two minute speeches that the NIV was gender neutral.  There was no discussion on what that meant.  The messengers voted on denouncing the work of a scholarly committee which took over a year to come up with these changes in less than 12 minutes.  And the Southern Baptist Convention wonders why their own denomination laughs at their resolutions some times.  This is truly a sad display of wisdom and due diligence on such an important matter.


About Adam

My name is Adam and I am a 24 year old who is simply trying to glorify God through the spreading of His truth. I am married to an amazing wife who is a constant source of encouragement to me. We have one son who brings great joy to our lives. We attend Forest Hills Bible Chapel and love the teaching of sound doctrine presented there every week. I pray you are blessed by this blog!
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