Earthquakes, Rapture, and the End of the World…oh my!

I have been trying to stop myself from blogging about the whole Harold Camping fiasco, but after coming across these free downloads I thought I should.  One of the hardest things about this situation is that Harold Camping has been introduced by our wonderful news media as an Evangelical, when in fact he is a leader of cult who is twisting the Word of God for financial gain, power, and influence.

If you are like me you probably poked fun of the this whole “Doomsday” thing he came out with, but at the same time I quickly realized how I needed to be careful not to mock God.  Yes, this man is either delusional or a monster preying on the weak minded. Still, we can’t detract from the assurance God has given us that the end is near.  While we may not know the day or hour, we still have to live as if His return will come at any moment.  So, I guess I just wanted to take a moment and remind everyone while it is OK to see this man as he is and expose him for who is, we must keep a reverent fear of who God is.

Anyways, the above link is to an apologist named James White.  He has actually debated Harold Camping and has talked extensively on why interacting with people with such notions is important.  Once you are at the website wait until you see the banner with Harold Camping and you can download his debates and reviews of this man for free.  I hope you are blessed.



About Adam

My name is Adam and I am a 24 year old who is simply trying to glorify God through the spreading of His truth. I am married to an amazing wife who is a constant source of encouragement to me. We have one son who brings great joy to our lives. We attend Forest Hills Bible Chapel and love the teaching of sound doctrine presented there every week. I pray you are blessed by this blog!
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