John Piper’s Interview of Rick Warren

To everybody out there who couldn’t believe John Piper would ask Rick Warren to be a speaker at his Desiring God conference, I am right there with you.  These two preachers have very little in common when it comes to their styles of preaching and seemingly big difference in theological beliefs.  Well, the interview in the link below is the culmination of the commitment John Piper made to Warren, since he was not able to attend the conference in person.

I won’t say much on the interview as don’t want any of biases to stop you from really hearing and understanding what is being said.  I will say though, this is a very good interview and Rick Warren is very open with his answers.  John Piper asks many straight forward questions and most of the time Warren gives straight forward responses. 

I know it is often easy to criticize and judge people, especially authors, before we truly understand the person or what the individual is writing.  Each of us brings with us specific views and opinions as we read a book and these views can often hinder us from understanding the meaning behind what is said.  Just like when we read the Bible, we have to read books from the authors view point, not ours.  This is why I believe this interview is so helpful; as it truly gives great insight into Rick Warren, which can help us understand his books a little better.

Anyways, here is the interview


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