Relevant Magazine review of “Love Wins”

When I first started to read this article is seemed like this author was going to be pretty politically correct and try not to ruffle any feathers and say nothing of true importance on the book; while this is true during some parts of the review some good questions are raised.  Below is sort excerpt from his article and if you would like to read the rest please click here.

“Bell’s seeming refusal in Love Wins to wrestle with the explicit difficulties in the biblical text seem as shortsighted as Dawkins’. It would be easy to imagine a new Christian assuming Love Wins is an all-encompassing view of God, and then being dreadfully confused when they read Judges for the first time. Bell’s summation is at least as non-holistic as Mark Driscoll’s “My Jesus beats people up” image. It’s disappointing to see Bell fall into the same trap as Driscoll and some of his contemporaries, when the complexity and paradox in the character of God seem to be overlooked in the chase to gain points.”


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My name is Adam and I am a 24 year old who is simply trying to glorify God through the spreading of His truth. I am married to an amazing wife who is a constant source of encouragement to me. We have one son who brings great joy to our lives. We attend Forest Hills Bible Chapel and love the teaching of sound doctrine presented there every week. I pray you are blessed by this blog!
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